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The clock can be a distraction for me. It imposes stress and anxiety while I try to get work done.

If you're anything like me, these will sound familiar:

  • 10.00
  • 11.30
  • 14.00
  • 16.00

Timeless is a Mac app that replaces the standard clock with something more subtle.

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  • Specify several, custom time segments.
  • Indicates the current segment in the menu bar.
  • Has a built-in scheduler.
  • Shows a clock when the indicator is inactive.
  • Display the time and date with a single click.
  • 100% free version that allows you to try Timeless for yourself.

The indicator

Timeless gives you a generic idea of what part of the day you’re in: morning, lunch time, noon etc.

The current indicator shows a range between 8am and 12pm. The actual time can be anything in between.

By making the clock less specific, it reduces the sense of dread some hours of the day might give you.

Customizable ranges

Time ranges are very personal. The preferences screen allows you to setup segments that suit your day.

The indicator will benefit you most on work days. If you're not working you might want to disable it. Customize the schedule to reflect your week.

Easy to adopt

Don't worry about losing time completely with Timeless. You can optionally display a clock when you're not working.

If the indicator isn't showing a range, it can display the time instead. Just like you were used to.

On the internet

I've been testing Timeless myself for months and asked various others to do the same. I think you'll enjoy using it.


What's the minimum version of macOS I need to run Timeless?

Timeless requires macOS version 10.14 or higher.

Which features are unlocked with a license?

  • The option to specify ranges down to the minute. In the free version only whole hours are accepted.
  • In a future version: set a different schedule for each day. In the free version the same schedule applies to every day of the week.

Is there a free trial?

You can try Timeless for as long as you like. If you buy a license you'll unlock extra features.

How will I get Timeless when I purchase it?

You'll get a license key that will unlock Timeless on your Mac. The license is valid for every Mac you personally own.

How do I get updates?

Timeless includes a built-in mechanism to check for updates. You'll be notified automatically when a new version has been made available. No need to check back here.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Sure, just get in touch!

Credits: Photo by Filip Zrnzević on Unsplash

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